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Welcome to Strange Sweets!

Reading's only traditional sweet shop

Strange Sweets is the ONLY traditional style sweet shop in Reading, but with an added twist!

Where else in Reading can you choose from over 200 varieties of your favourite weigh out sweets, from old traditional favourites (such as Rhubarb and Custard, Milk Bottles and Bonbons) to retro (Cola Cubes, flying saucers) right through to modern classics (Fizzy Cola Bottles, Super Sours etc). And all these can be purchased by the QUARTER!

Not only are there all these British jar sweets, but Strange Sweets tries to bring you the best imported Confectionery available.

Image of Unit 12

We have sourced the very best American imported candy; no range would be complete without a HUGE selection of Wonka candy, especially Nerds, and Everlasting Gobstoppers. We have all the 'Hollywood' sweets, Baby Ruth, Reeses Pieces, Hershey Bars, Peanut Butter M&Ms and many more.

American confectionery is not the only USA product, we have an ample supply of America Soda's, kept ice cold in our fridge. Also why not try some Yankee cereal, Lucky Charms are our biggest seller closely followed by PopTarts (none of the boring flavours you'd find in a supermarket here).

If American doesn't take your fancy why not sample some of the range of Australian, New Zealand or South African sweets, drinks, savoury snacks and chocolates we stock. Our latest addition is proving extremely popular - Mountain Dew, and it's not the banned EU version stocked by many of our competitors online!

Who doesn't love fresh fudge? We source ours locally and handmade at the Fudge Kitchen in Windsor, and it is sold by the slice. The flavours change regularly, and try to keep in line with the seasons. In the past we have stocked flavours such as Traditional Toffee, lemon meringue and boozy Christmas cake

Not to everyone's taste, but liquorice is ever popular. We think we have the largest range of traditional British and European flavours available in the area. Zout, Coins, Dynamites, Pontefract cakes, liquorice twist.........

We understand that not everyone can eat all the sweets we have. We have tried to stock sugar free sweets, and have over 15 varieties at present. We're always looking to supplement this range.

We know that a lot of favourite jelly sweets are not suitable for vegetarians, so we have sourced gelatine free sweets like cola bottles (yummy!) just for this reason.

Hopefully you find what you want in our shop, if not ask! We will do what we can to accommodate you. If you have a special party, event or wedding coming up we are more than happy to try and find something special for you.

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