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Concrete pressure bleeding test procedure
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1. Instrument name: SY-2 concrete pressure water meter
2. Main use: It is suitable for the pressure bleeding test of concrete mixture with the largest particle size of not more than 40mm.
3. Performance index: The maximum range of the pressure gauge is 6Mpa, and the minimum division value is not more than 0.1Mpa.
4, environmental requirements: room temperature is 20 ± 2 ° C, relative humidity is not less than 50%
5, operating procedures:
 1. The top cover was opened and the mash mixture to be tested was placed in a test cylinder (about 2-3 cm from the top). The crucible was evenly 25 times from the periphery to the center, and weighed.
2. Tighten the check valve clockwise (pressure shows 35-40Mpa) piston pressure (3.5-4.0Mpa) and maintain pressure.
3. When the pressure reaches 40 Mpa, immediately open the bleeding valve, connect the bleeding water into the 1000ml measuring cylinder, and start timing at the same time, and read the bleeding water 101 V10, V140 in 10 seconds and 140 seconds.
4. After the test is completed, turn the check valve back in the counterclockwise direction and depressurize. Remove the lower base, and tighten the check valve clockwise on the upper release frame. The pressure, the block and the piston will automatically fall off and then the check valve will be turned back counterclockwise to depressurize. Open the upper part and press the jack piston back.
5. After the test is completed, the instrument should be rinsed with water and dried.
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